Firmware revision

Hi all,

I bought a lite-on 1635S recently. The firmware was YS08 out of the package. The only firmware I have found was the YS0R. I have read here that a YS0T existed. Is that version in beta? Is there an advantage to using the YS0R over the YS08? Is the YS0T even better than what available?

YSOR is the latest “official” firmware for this drive. Use it, I have read no complaints about it and it works very well for me.

it’s recommended to use the newest firmware that atm is YS0R.
YS0T isn’t released to the public yet, maybe next year…

Thank you.

Interestingly enough I bought 2 burners in 1 day. The other drive was a Toishiba 5372V I believe. I upgraded the firmware to TU15. It reads most DVD-R and DVD+R as 4X media. Aparently most of the descriptor codes are not in the firmware. I had thought that Toshiba was a GOOD drive… Now I am not so sure, especially after reading the reviews here. Is Toshiba a company that does not update their firmware often enough to adjust for the media? When I slapped in the Lite-on it read those same DVD-R’s at the correct speed. Also, the Toshiba failed 1 16X burn on a RICOH media and wrote a good one at 16X back to back. What a PITA. I didn’t realize that media was so important. The label was Memorex 16X media. I have burned MANY DVD’s over the last few years and never had a problem using ANY media out there with my Pioneer 106D @ 4X. The only problem I seem to be having is playing DVD-R’s in my standalone. Just won’t do it(KOSS 2004 standalone).

bring the toshiba back to the store.
update the liteon’s firmware to YS0R.

New Firmware means Improvements (normally!). Just install the latest firmware and omnipatch it with codeguys’ software.

you have to patch the firmware before flashing. also no 5S firmware is supported by omnipatcher as there’s a checksum that doesn’t (yet) allow to modify it.