Firmware Releases



does anyone care to hazard a gues as to how long it will be before updated firmware will be released for the NEC 3520 and the Pioneer 109.

EDIT: I should note I’m talking about official firmwares only, as I dont want to risk voiding the warranty

I’ve read reviews about them being ok, but most people are seeming to suggest they will (or at least should) improve with further firmwares.

I’m favouring the NEC at the mo, but am just looking for more advice before I take the plunge.

I’m not bothered about speed at all really, more the integrity of the burned data.

Will use for backing up data, movies, and burning the odd mpeg/divx in a format readable by standalone dvd players.

I realise these sort of questions appear a lot in these forums, and don’t wish to annoy anyone, only I plan to buy this writer, and then not need another for at least a couple of years (until Hi Def dvd’s etc).

Can anyone advise me (btw the older nec 3500 doesn’t seem to be available in the uk, and the 108 doesn’t seem to support -r dual layer disks - which although not essential, I would like the option to use in the future).

Any help greatley appreciated


At these prices, it looks like the 3520 has completely superceded the 3500, though maybe a firmware update or 2 is required before it reaches the level of the more mature 3500


You are asking about NEC and Pioneer at once. Post on NEC forum for NEC and on Pioneer forum for Pioneer. :slight_smile: