Firmware recovery on SD-616



Hey, im setting up a computer for my kids and while I was flashing the 616, I read that it was only compatible with the 616T firmware. Not the E firmware, crap.

So the flash finishes, reboots, and now im stuck with this drive that shows the version as BOOT, but the SD-616 model number. If anybody would, could they tell me how to get it alive again?

I tried flashing the 616T firmware to it, but I got flash failed with TSDNwin. SFDNwin keeps telling me to take out the disk in the drive, while the drive is locked and theres no disk in it.

Ive been using -NOCHECK for both softwares. Thanks.



what model do you have exactly, and what firmware did you want to flash? A 616T may have different hardware than a 616E, so such a crossflash can kill your drive.

Flash a firmware that is made for your drive and see if it works for you.



I just found a floppy to get the dell firmware to flash, sucks that they have it in an auto floppy extractor, its impossible to get to.

The dell SD-616 firmware flashes in sfdndos, but I restart it and its still the BOOT version. The 616T firmware also flashes in sfndos, but it still says the BOOT version. There must be some way to recover this.



if the drive shows up as “BOOT”, then it is in some kind of safe mode (after a bad flash). Normally this would allow to re-flash the proper firmware.

Please note that sfdndos does not work properly in a Windows environment. You [I]must [/I]load some real DOS (from a floppy or bootable USB thingy).



You mean like an MS-DOS environment, right? Ive been using a Windows 98 Boot Disk.

Ill have to see if I can find some files, thanks for your help.


Win98 bootdisk would be fine. I’d prefer the floppy unless there is a second optical drive installed. You may also try the “no CD support” option given by the bootdisk’s menu.

P.S.: I still haven’t figured out what drive you exactly have :confused:
Edit: There are lots of SD-616x firmwares on For detailled download links, please see the FAQ.


The correct Drive ID is necessary to bring it back to live.

There are way too many 616 drives out there…


Dell lists it as a 616T or a 616B. Those are the only two available in the Dimension 4400. I could try the B firmware next time im on.

And yeah, im using a floppy for this.


[QUOTE=Skyfallkavu;2508708]Dell lists it as a 616T or a 616B. [/QUOTE]Pull the drive out and have a look onto the sticker (which is normally on top of the drive). That’s the only safe method to find out.