Firmware reconmendation for all types of disks

I have a Benq 1640 and I am using the BSOB firmware currently. I usually just buy whatever is on sale, but sometimes I do obtain some high quality disks. I burn both DL and SL, but mostly SL. I was just wondering what firmware had the most capatability with cheap disks. Thanks.

:eek: Why use cheap discs to begin with when you can get good quality dvd media from local stores? Everyweek there’s sales of dvd media at Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot & Compusa. I just don’t understand the concept of using cheap discs & then they wonder why the disc can’t be read back months or years down the road. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he means cheap in price.Most of the branded discs seem to be made by CMC Mag.Exceptions are Verbatim and any made in Japan discs.So his question should probably be what firmware works best with CMC mag discs.

Until now [B]it seems[/B] that the best firmwares are BSLB for +R media and BSOB for -R media. I don’t know about DL media.

Anyway, there are so many variations (mostly in media) that it’s impossible to answer to this question. The only way is to do some tests by yourself.

Maybe giving more informations about the mediacodes you want to burn could help a little people here to give suggestions.

So when you try to burn +R and then -R are you switching back and forth between BSLB & BSOB? in order to get the quality of burn you looking for?.

Hi :slight_smile:
Most BenQ f/w’s appear to favour + media albeit slight. If using only + /mainly + media or equal +/- media. The most common f/w actually used by folk on these forums (if scans are anything to go by)would br BSLB. If the balance of media to be used is going to be be only -/ mainly - media then BSOB f/w would appear a good choice. Two things to remember no two drives/systems are that alike. Plus in theory if SB is enabled, the long term results should only vary slightly in practice. In the real world this would seem not to be the case. So the best course may well be to check it out for yourself.
I believe this is identical to the approach suggested by geno888. :clap: :iagree:
BTW As for DL use only Verbatim at present. Which f/w doesn’t seem to matter to much here. For those who aren’t aware SB will not function with DL.