Firmware Questions

A few questions about firmware that I haven’t figured out yet… I’ve read alot of sections here and I either missed it or it’s not discussed… (but probably missed it :))

I recently ordered a NEC 3520A, and I will probably have it Monday-Tuesday.

  1. Where is firmware for the 3520A on NEC’s firmware page? I can’t find any… (I have read something about 1.04 but from the few posts I have read nobody seems to want to give it to anyone)…
  2. Does Dee’s 3520 firmware work on the 3520A? What is the A for? And I’ve also seen some with AG… Whats the difference?
  3. I’ve seen some mention TDB firmware for the NEC drives, and Herrie firmware… I haven’t seen any of these threads in the NEC section. What are these? How do they compare to Dee’s?
  4. What is the diff between IO-DATA and NEC firmware?

Thanks alot!

The Big Nec F.A.Q.

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Remember: flashing your drive with UNOFFICIAL firmware will probably VOID your warranty. :slight_smile: