Firmware question

I just got a i/o magic, benq 1620 oem burner. It shows up as a atapi 16x16x. I am running windows xp. Could some one give me a step by step procedure for upgrading the firmware to a retail benq 1620? The burner is now firmware g7c9. I have searched the forum ,but I getting confused as to do it properly. I would appreciate any help on this ,thanks.
if you want to keep the drive with the “G” FIRMWARE just download the “G7P9” FIRMWARE from that site.

if you want to crossflash your drive to the “B” firmware go to that site and download the WINDXFLASH.EXE file and B7P9 CVT.FILE.
make sure your drive is empty before you flash the drive. turn off all background programs such as antivirus software. you can flash the drive in safe mode or in windows.
double click on the WINDWFLASH.EXE file, it will ask for the firmware which is the B7P9 CVT. FILE, then let it flash the drive. it will tell you when it’s done then just reboot the pc. some people reboot the pc twice.

Many thanks DVD_ADDICT , it worked like a charm ! I guess now I can upgrade the firmware now without using the “windxflash” program and can just click on the firmware itself. Thanks again.