Firmware question

It has been a while since I last posted here, and I noticed that there is a new firmware out. Is the B7T9 newer than the B7P9? Is it better? If so, where can I download it, and how do I install it.
Thanks to all.

Yes B7T9 is the new firmware, you can download it from here. It is a *.exe file just be sure there’s no media in the drive.

Is it better? Depends who you ask. I suspect if you’re an average joe, you won’t notice the difference. I’ll let other people fight out that battle.

It’s better or worse for each person relative to what goals they have, what type of media they have, what home DVD player they have, etc. There’s no clear cut answer. Try BOTH and see what works for you. It’s really a subjective thing.

thanks to all.

T9 improves playback and data integrity of many media types. Just be sure to compare your scans with our “post your scans” thread to see if your flash upgrade went well. Expect T9 scans to look slightly worse, and expect the discs to play back better on set top players–even when burned, overspeeded to higher speeds. I have not tried beyond 12x, but it was a really wonderful upgrade to me! That’s because my set top player is more compatible with the output of T9 firmware. Others’ results may vary.