Firmware question regarding increased write speeds



I’ve never updated my DVD Burner’s firmware so im not that familiar with it.

I plan to buy a Dual Layer burner, but right now the maximum write speed for DL media is 4x, and i don’t know how long i will have to wait for 8x Dual Layer Burners. My question is if there will be a possibilty, or if there has been any official word about being able to burn Dual Layer media at faster speeds by just upgrading the firmware in the future. The burners that im considering are the NEC 3500 and Pioneer 108.

btw is there a difference between the NEC 3500A and NEC 3500 or are they the same?

Thanks a lot for your help


8X dual layer might not be avalible, 4X will be the max for a while yet.

there is no difference between the 3500a or 3500.