Firmware question regarding 165P6S



k, received my new drive today. strange thing is the fw the burner came with is called ms07 and i couldn’t find any reference for it (official site starts with ms0a). i’d like to update to the latest official one, but i don’t know if the one that’s already on it is newer than the ms0m from the lite-on website, as the current test-fw has a 7 in its name too (could be coincident). besides, i’d always like to have my fw on my hdd aswell in case there’re some unfortunate problems with the new one, so i can switch back quickly. any advice?

on a sidenote:
do you guys think the experimental fw is worth trying already, as i’ve read about some problem with dvd dl and ht? so it seems there are still some problems with it.



Can you dump the FW to a bin file and check the date in it?


I’ve had my 165P6S for about a week and was initially very disappointed. In desparation I tried MV7U and that made a big improvement together with SmartBurn3116.
Sorry I can’t provide a link but if you search above you should be able to download both.
It did take a number of burns to settle in - so be patient


i dunno what tool would be needed to dump my current fw, but i’m eager to know. anyway, nero info tool says 2005-10-27. so it’s probably one of the first fw’s availabe anyway. i just don’t understand why it’s not on the official lite-on site. maybe it’s too buggy to host :wink:


Sounds like it’s an early FW version. Drat.
MSOM works fine for most popular media. There was supposed to be a new FW release, but it seems to have vanished. Only MV7U will be free of the -R lead-in bug.


thanks, i’m updating…