Firmware question - LG GSA-H42L

I’m sure this applies to all LG models & perhaps other manufacturers.

I’m curious about the instructions LG gives for their firmware updates. They instruct you to have the burner on the second IDE channel as master with all other burners disconnected. Why is this so?

I have successfully upgraded firmware (SL00 to SL01) on my LG burner & did not have to do the above. My LG burner is on the second IDE channel, but I have it as slave. (I have a TDK CD burner as master on that channel.) That’s the way my set up has always been & I’ve never run into a firmware upgrade problem with any optical drive. I used to have a Lite-On DVD burner where the LG now is & never had firmware issues with that.

What is the reasoning for LG’s instructions? It would seem to me that their instructions would be beyond alot of the computer users out there who know nothing about the hardware on their computers & who never have opened a computer case in their life. Or even if they have, it just seems like alot of trouble to go through to upgrade firmware.

Any answers would be appreciated.


Just a guess, but it might be to cover themselves in case someone messes up with an update.

I too have flashed my LG drives as secondary slave, no problems here. :slight_smile:

My situation: Secondary Slave while flashing and no problem.

Maybe depends on what do you have on your secondary slave position. Not to interfere … (?).

Secondary Master maybe because the Primary is used for HDD. (As I have)

So … maybe there are some situations when flashing proccess can interfere, with negative results, with other units from the IDE cable.

“Just a guess, but it might be to cover themselves in case someone messes up with an update.”

That was my initial guess too. I was just curious if there was a specific reason, seeing as my firmware updates (& yours too) apparently work fine the way things are set up.

Thanks for the responses Arachne & Vasy. :slight_smile: