Firmware quandry

Hey guys! I have a toshiba satellite that has a TSST TS-L633J that has the firmware version T-02. I am having a hell of a time getting a good burn out of any DL media. I have tried Sony, Verbatim, and memorex, and get errors each time. I thought that a firmware upgrade might help, and did a search accordingly. I am not seeing anywhere ANY t-02 or newer firmware at all! The only firmware I can find for this unit is SC-01 from 2010, and 2 from Dell (D400 from March of 2011 and D500 from May of 2011). Can I use either of the Dell firmware to upgrade since they are newer, or does someone know of a T-03 that I might have just missed? any help would be greatly appreciated!!:confused:

Theoretically, it should be possible to force 3rd party (like Dell’s) firmware onto your drive. But there is the risk of killing the drive.
Apart from that, media compatibility is often not improved.

Perhaps you should consider getting an external drive, but one of the big units, not a slim drive.