Firmware Probs..Please Help!

Hi all,

I’m new to this site!

I need help with Firmware. I have a Emprex DVD Writer. I have been using it to copy some dvds and it was writing fine at a speed of 4x. I then upgraded the Firmware through It upgraded the version and now when I try to write a dvd, it has reduced the speed of writing down to 2! What can I do to sort this out? It will take forever to write discs from now on and I wish I had not done the upgrade…how can I put it back to how it was?

Please let me know asap anyone, if you know!! Many thanks

Use proper 4x media!

I am using proper 4x media. Like I said, it was working fine until I upgraded the damn firmware!

Then BTC doesn’t think these discs should be written at 4x. You can try the codeguys’ speedhacking tool for BTC drives. It’s in the BTC forum.