Firmware Problems with Philips PBDV1640P

Hey Guys,
I am a bit of a n00b when it comes to firmware, all i normally do is download it and install it, i have been reading some info on using different firmware to increase the drive’s speed and compatibility.

Here is my current Rig:
ASUS P4C800 Deluxe Mobo
Intel P4 3.2ghz Overclocked to 3.52ghz
2 x 512mb PC3200 DDR RAM
2 x 300gb Maxtor SATA 7200RPM 16mb Cache (ON RAID Controller)
LiteOn Combo SOHC 5232K

Basically, i recently purchased a Philips PBDV1640P DVD -/+ R / RW Dual Layer DVD Burner as an upgrade of my old 2x LiteOn. I installed it on the primary IDE and set it to Master,
NB: The drive came installed with firmware version 2.2

After installing the drive I opened nero (the latest version) and burned a DVD Image file, using my Datawrite Red (V3) 4x -R discs. This worked fine, so as i looked for newer firmware i saw the 2.5 firmware upgrade on the philips website.

I downloaded the firmware and upgraded the drive sucessfully … well so i thought.

After installing the new firmware, my drive will not burn any dvd’s on my datawrite 4x -R discs. In nero the burning process gets to around 9 - 12 % and then just freezes. I have tested different DVD images and must have ruined about 7 DVDs! COASTERS!.

I was wondering if i can either:

  1. go back to 2.2
  2. upgrade the drive maybe to a BenQ firmware and see if this works…

Couple of questions as well…

  1. If i upgrade to a different manufacturers firmware, can i go back to the original firmware, ( i presume this is possible but am not sure ).
  2. I searched the forum here and found that this drive may have problems with 4x discs, do you think this is the case with my drive or do you think that the firmware may have had a bad effect on the drive.

I am going to test the drive with a Packard Bell DVD+RW and see if that works, ( i borrowed one from my boss ) it doesnt say what speed it is but i will post my results…

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with my problem