Firmware Problems need solution(s)



I have an I/O Magic DVDRW. it is s 1620 BenQ with a new name. My current firmware is B7C9. I have the new flash B7M9 program. Here is the problem. When I flash the DVDRW I get an error>drive not support! My OS is WindowsXP. I switched my laptop(XP) to flash. same error. I got out my old ME computer and tried again, same error. 3 computers, same error. Can anyone help, or is it hopeless??? the DVDRW is external usb. thanks!


…is external, that is the problem.


I need SOLUTIONS not a reaffirmation that I have a problem. I know that.


You can pay someone to fix your problems if you insist, this is a free forum.
I already told you the solution.


Connect it internally, of course!




B7M9 is not the latest update available, perhaps a newer one would work.


thanks, none one the flashes have worked, I tried to cross flash to ‘G’ series. everything gets the same error message. I have decided to buy a new Samsung 18x with the autofirmware update via internet connection. It got good reviews here on Cd freaks.

thanks again!


Use WinDWFlash you can find it in my Signature.:wink: