Firmware Problem




I have the following problem. I have Sony DW-Q120A and I had some problems when I wanted to burn dvd, so when I look for the problem, I read that I must update the firmware.
I coundt find sony`s firmware so I updated with firmware for the Lite-On but my dvd burner still doesnt work.
Now I found the firmware for sony, but I cant roll back it.

Is this possible? To roll back the firmware from Lite-On to my original Sony??

Thanks in advance


According to another thread it’s possible. I don’t recall the specific thread, but I copied and pasted instructions which are:

  1. Download MYS6 firmware from
  2. Download the FlashFix from
  3. With Upx.exe in same folder as FlashFix.exe run the FlashFix utility on the downloaded MYS6 firmware.
  4. Flash the SHM-165P6S drive with the FlashFixed MYS6 firmware, and you’re done.

Edit: Just realized yours is DW-Q120A while instructions are for DW-G120A, but it should work by just downloading the appropriate DW-Q120A firmware and using it instead. DW-Q120A firmware is at


crossflashing works. you should use the 165P6S firmware, it’s newer.


The last link in my post #2 doesn’t work, and time limit to edit post expired before I could correct it. Go to and enter “DW-Q120A” in search box for DW-Q120A firmware.


first I want to thank you for help…
…I followed the steps right you`d write me…
I couldnt flash SHM-165P6S drive with the FlashFixed MYS6 firmware because the flashfix told me "couldnt find all of the bytes to patch. please restore backup."
so…when I start Q120A-BR_PYR2.EXE, it tells me “no supported drive detected”…


Is drive currently SHM-165P6S or SHW-160P6S? As chok0 points out
and I assumed you had flashed to the 160 since that’s the LiteOn equivalent of your Sony. You need to follow instructions in my post #2 preceding the Edit which is for the 165 model if the drive is currently the 165 model as it seems to be from your post #5.

Edit: You should then be able to flash the DW-G120A to DW-Q120A if desired or just leave it as DW-G120A. BTW I have the DRU-120A which is retail version of DW-G120A, and it works very well with MYR5 firmware.


sorry. its my mistake.. I had SONY DVD RW DW-Q120A which now is LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S. unfortunately MYS6 firmware, it isnt found on this server. i’ll try with MYS5 firmaware.
as I understend I have to change the firmware with SONY DVD RW DW-G120A and then try to change it to DW-Q120A?


for Sony DW-G120A it`s only available MYL2 firmware. can I try with this one?


Using MYSx firmwares should work only to flash Lite-On SHM-165P6S to Sony DW-G120A which is likely why you got the error when you tried it on the SHW-160P6S, You need the PYS2 or PYS3 firmware found via instructions and link in my post #4 to flash your Lite-On SHW-160P6S to Sony DW-Q120A.

You might then be able to flash the resulting Sony DW-Q120A with MYSx firmware if you want cross flash to Sony DW-G120A. Alternatively you could flash current SHW-160P6S to SHM-165P6S using MSOP or MSOR firmware first and then flash with MYSx firmware if Sony DW-G120 is drive desired. It simply depends on whether you want drive to be your original DW-Q120A or the DW-G120A.

Edit: In addition to MYL2 you’ll find MYS3, MYS4, MYS5, MYS6, MYR3 and MYR4 if you follow post #4 instruction except substitute “DW-G120A” in the search box to find Sony DW-G120A firmwares. However, these won’t work on LiteOn SHW-160P6S and will work only on LiteOn SHM-165P6S as explained above in this post.


now I try it with PYS3 firmware and it doesnt work again. It tells me the same: "couldnt find all of the bytes to patch. please restore backup." and when I start PYS3WIN.EXE it tells me that no matched drive detected.... I follow the steps exactly how you wrote it but I think that the problem comes because I couldnt run FlashFix utility on the downloaded PYS3 firmware…it couldn`t patch it…


i found Region Free Utility for Lite-ON Manufactured Drives which helps me to disable the Lite-On drive but I still couldn`t patch the firmware utility…


Are you sure you followed the steps in post #2 correctly? Step 3 there is very important, and it will not work unless Upx.exe is in same folder with FlashFix.exe before running the FlashFix utility. If it still fails after making sure that’s correct, then you may have a bad flash to LiteOn SHW-160P6s. If that’s the case, try reflashing with SHW-160P6S firmware, and then try the cross flash back to Sony.