Firmware Problem

Ok after reading all this info here, I decided to try an update my firmware for my Liteon DVD Rom 16P9S. I d/l’ed firmware from here, unzipped it, made the update i wanted (which was changing read speed on DVD9 from 8X to 12X) saved it and then flashed my drive. Backing up a little, Current read time on my liteon is now about 30 min., On nero drive test it states max read is 8X with average about 6.4. Now after I updated firmware, Nero had a max read of 12X with an average of about 8X. I thought “Great”, now it will copy faster----well, i started 1click it found movie files then it started “SKIPPING BAD SECTORS” and went off to the races…Well, I got very concerned about then and went and found stock firmware and re-flashed the drive, rebooted and tried again. Everything was back to normal. I guess I’m going to have to be satisfied with a 30min copy or is there something I did wrong or didn’t do right.

Any suggestions???

The first thing I would do would be to check some other discs and try ripping with DVDDcrypter as it will give you real time rip speed and inform you of errors. You can also see it slow down as it has trouble reading. You also could try Drivespeed and see if it will let you set your read speed to 10X if your drive just turns out to be unable to run at 12X.

Does Nero Drive speed work in Windows XP

Of course; it doesn’t support all drives so I cannot be sure it will work with your Liteon.