Firmware Problem

Ok after reading all this info here, I decided to try an update my firmware for my Liteon DVD Rom 16P9S. I d/l’ed firmware from here, unzipped it, made the update i wanted (which was changing read speed on DVD9 from 8X to 12X) saved it and then flashed my drive. Backing up a little, Current read time on my liteon is now about 30 min., On nero drive test it states max read is 8X with average about 6.4. Now after I updated firmware, Nero had a max read of 12X with an average of about 8X. I thought “Great”, now it will copy faster----well, i started 1click it found movie files then it started “SKIPPING BAD SECTORS” and went off to the races…Well, I got very concerned about then and went and found stock firmware and re-flashed the drive, rebooted and tried again. Everything was back to normal. I guess I’m going to have to be satisfied with a 30min copy or is there something I did wrong or didn’t do right. :sad:

Any suggestions???

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