Firmware Problem

Hey guysI have been having a bit of a problem with firmware. I have a 1633s.
I upgraded to CSOM and started getting original dvd’s that I could no longer play. Torque and 28 Days Later are two examples. After I went back to BSOS it would play them fine. Aren’t the newer firmware versions supposed to increase the number of discs that are recognized? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oh BSOS will not play Aliens which is why I originally upgraded. (and stupidly with all the other probs I forgot to see if CSOM would play it)

new firmwares increase the support for blank discs only.
some hardware doesn’t like overclocking…

Is there any way to make the drive read more original disks? Hard to make a copy if it won’t read the original :slight_smile:

I upgraded my 1213s@1653s to CSOM but CMC MAG E01 not burning. With CSOK burning very well, any suggestions?