Firmware Problem with LG ced-808b



Does anyone know how to revive a dead LG burner after a firmware flash gone bad?:confused:


well your gonna have to probably ask futerproof on this :slight_smile: he probably can help u :slight_smile:

also did you try reflashing it with tha firmware file u downloaded from there website?



I have the same prob, with the same burner.
my one is also dead, i cant flash it back…



After the “Flash gone bad” I rebooted and now the bios will not see anyting on the sec master channel. Since the bios doesn’t see the burner the orginal flash will not work since it appears nothing is there…:a


Does anyone have a bin file for this drive so I can try MTKFLASH to see if I can revive it? If so please let me know.


I can confirm that the LG flashing utility CAN bring a dead drive back to life. I was attempting to update my GCE-8320B from 1.01 to 1.04 (both proper firmware for the drive), and it randomly failed on 36%. Anyway, the drive died - wouldn’t even eject when you press the button, bios didn’t detect it etc. I managed to resurect it by using the syntax
je3 ****.hex 3 /m
where 3 stands for secondary master. So don’t worry, even if it appears lost, you can bring it back.

(Je3 is the flashing utility for the GCE-8320B)


I tried it out… but it dont work. :frowning:
i would request the same as btownsend… if any one has a .bin file for this drive plz let me know…


Big Bambi,

Can you try to use MTKFLASH to make a copy of your bios even if you can’t get in in a bin format and it is just in a hex format and let me know if you are succesful. I will try that on my burner to see if I can resurrect it…



Hi btownsend

The place that I get all my firmwares from is the following:

The firmware updating utilities are also in the zip that you download from the preceeding link. I am more than happy to make a mtkflash of my current bios, but it is purely the bios for the GCE-8400B as d/led from above. (My drive is actually the GCE-8320B)


Thanks BigBambi… I’ll give it a try!:bigsmile:


No luck it still will not respond to anything. I’m not even sure if it is getting power. :confused: Does anyone have a binary file or hex file for the LG CED-8080B?