Firmware problem (Sony DRU-710A)



[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-710A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]PLEASE HELP ME!!! SONY WONT
I have a stupid issue with my stupid SONY DVD-RW DRU710A drive.
here it is:
I was “backing up” movies and kept getting skips when they played. I had “backed up” some movies before and they came out fine, then with some movies I got the skipping. So…I went to the sony website and searched for new software and came up with a firmware update…my burners firmware was BYX3 and the new firware was BYX5…so…i figured that I’d update…BAM no worky any more…computer sees that there is a drive there, but hardware wizard pops up and asks to find software…the drive is now found in the device manager under “other devices” with a yellow question mark. I’ve talked with SONY and they said that they can’t do anything and the drive is probably ruined…AAAAAA…Seriously! The drive worked just fine and I’m an idiot for trying to fix my skip issue, but I exhausted all other options


well i aint sure if that drive can be revived from DOS with MTKFLASH.EXE or not… if it can you can probably reflash it back to the older firmware or reflash it to the new one.

as far as disc skipping… use good quality discs (i.e. Verbatim) and burn @ 8x. … that might be useful for you i aint looked much into it yet for your drive.

EDIT: i just looked… it’s basically the same lite-on i have almost (Sony DRU-710A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1633S/1653S) … i have a Lite-On 1673S myself)… i.e. you can most likely revive it from DOS to get it working again (assuming the drive still physically works) (im assuming that’s pretty much what you need to do)

[B]WARNING: just be carefull when using that cause i aint sure but it might be possible it could erase other drive’s… so my advice is to remove all other drives that your not going to flash before flashing the dead sony drive.[/B]


thank you very much…i will try and let you know the results


The skipping tells alot to me.

  1. Bad media
  2. Burning to fast
  3. Multitasking when burning causes skipping, coaster, unplayable features
  4. Could use more RAM - I have 2.5G on my XP pro sp3
  5. If using HDD as part of copy process should be Defragged to prevent unforeseen problems popping up


  1. Get better media
  2. Slow burns down
  3. Booktype if possible to DVD-ROM
  4. Stop multitasking when burning
  5. Uninstall other burning programs that sometimes causes burning conficts
  6. Get correct Firmware and follow their instructions that come with the software
  7. Match up the model to the correct firmware