Firmware problem on LITE-ON SHW-16H5S

Hi, Guys.

I am hoping that someone that reads this will be able to help me out on a problem that i have.

I updated the firmware on my LITE-ON SHW-16H5S writer with a patched version that i downloaded from here. The version was the LV4D firmware. I have have been using the drive for a few months and no problem, although it does not like some media.

I finally bought some more LiteScribe enabled CD’s and burned data onto them. When i then went to burn the pictures onto the LiteScribe side of the discs, the light on the front of the drive stays on and nothing else happens.

I had not tried LiteScribe since i upgraded the firmware and wondered if there is some way that i can either get it working or take the firmware back to a the 16LSOW version of the firmware that was previouly on this drive. I tried using the 16LSOW firmware that comes as an exe file and you just run it. It cam back with the following error/message

[B]No matched drive detected!
This utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-16H5S drive.

Detected drives:
1-0-1-0:LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-16H5S LV4D[/B]

Any help that you may be able to offer will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


You cannot flash officail firmware/flasher over inofficial ones.
Also, you cannot crossflash with official firmwares.