Firmware problem on 1-3 Acard Duplicator please help!

Ok so, i have an Acard 2030t with 1 reader and 3 burners.

It comes up with the F/w Needs upgrading… so i visted the acard website where i found the latest one which i downloaded.

The file was .zip so i extracted it to find a bin file, nero wouldnt open it and daemon tools didnt either… so i thought i might of just had to burn it…

I burnt it but it still keeps gettiing the error… any suggestions?

Welcome to CD Freaks.

The .bin file you’ve downloaded is not a CD image as you might expect but an image of the burners firmware that needs a special app to read & burn it to the burner.

I’ll transfer this thread to a more appropriate forum where you might get more help.

Read user manual Mannystk. Page 68 and forward can give you answers.