Firmware problem about 832S

I just ordered a 832S from Newegg, is it better to downgrade the firmware to US0N to get better writing result, thank you. :slight_smile:

USON fw is not dual layer so if want to write SL better yes but if you want burn DL better id wait for vs05 or vs06

What is the Quality of SL with FIrmware vs04 ?
Is it usable in Standalone DVDPlayer ?
And which DVD-R/+R Media are best for this drive ?

well a have to tell you im sorry ever got the 812@832 at all my pioneer 107d or my 2500@2510 does 100% better and i rma the 812 once this is my second 812

The SL quality of VS04 is decent. Not as good as US0N, but unless you’re having problems (and not many do), there is no reason to be flashing to US0N.

Use decent +R media, and your drive will do just fine. -R works well with most 812S burners, but there are also some who report problems with -R. +R is better anyway. For the most part, what gets burned in LiteOn drives can be played back just fine, though results may vary.


I think my real problem with 812/832 is not coasters , but the quality of burns compared to other drives. now sure ltn has never been wonderful -r burner but if drive is rated at -r 8x and put -r 8x in it thats in the fw example cmc AE1 now sure cmc does not make that great a media but i should be able to burn it at 8x with out a coaster this is not true on the 812/832 at least not the two I had or the one my friends has ditto with cmc E01 +R the only way to get good burn on 3 812/832 i tried with them is 2x ot 2.4x burn. now mcc003 dvd+R 8x it does so so on the USON fw and much better on the VS04 mcc002 4x does well also and so does RicohR01 but and this but you burn that media on pio 107d or nec 2500/2510 even with stock fw and you get well wonders.

Not another LiteOn-NEC-Pioneer debate…

Well, yes, NEC does a bit better with the final error count in some circumstances (there have been LiteOn users reporting better Ricoh scans than what you’ve posted, but that’s beside the point), but in the end, at the levels that we’re talking about, does it matter? And most people would say no. Some may say yes, but if the difference between a 0.5 PI avg and a 5 PI avg (or a 10 PI avg) is going to be obsessed with, then there needs to be something better done with one’s time because at these kinds of levels, even a 10x differences in the count makes no difference in the practical sense.

Or the other problem that gets mentioned is that well, the LiteOn doesn’t do well with some poorer discs (the coasters problem that you mention that you don’t care about), and once again, not everyone cares about that because not everyone uses the kind of media that LiteOn is known to be picky about.

And looking at the final DVD error count also completely ignores other factors, such as price (in many cases, the NEC is cheaper, but not always… Pioneer tends to be a bit pricey), availability (likewise variable), reading, ability to do KProbe, CD-burning, 8x burns that don’t take over 10 minutes (vs. NEC), bitsetting (vs. Pioneer), luck of the draw, et cetera, et cetera.

So as I’ve said before in regards to LiteOn-vs-NEC-vs-Pioneer thing, it depends on what the situation is and what is important to each individual user. A blanket statement that LiteOn sucks is not fair, nor is a blanket statement that LiteOn rules. And I will agree that by some standards of measurement, LiteOn does have its weaknesses, as you’ve correctly pointed out.

So I’ll leave it at that. This debate has been done many times before, and if you wish to continue it, there’s that long thread in the general recording hardware forum in which you can express yourself. But for the purpose of this thread, let’s stay on-topic. The question asked was about VS04, not about how LiteOn compares with the other burners.