Firmware or solution needed (help needed)



i have for some time a pionner dvd119 and i updated it with 1.08 firmware and now it seems it doesnt read anything before i updated it it have the 1.05 firmware is there any way i can find the original firmware or i can clear eprom or something like that? or any tool that can ressurect the drive and how? thanks anyway…


Flashing back to the original firmware version will not help. Maybe the lens is dirty, try cleaning it.


its not the lens i have use it very little i need the old firmware if anyone have it,its version 1.05 thanks


Not using dont mean no dust is settled on lens, clean it then at least u can deduct this from list of things to try.


i`m not a neubie in this i have cleaned it,when i put a cd it makes noises like fighting or something like that,i need the firmware and stop giving me answers for neubies…


I’m not a pro but dvd 119R is just a Sony OEM 1.07 so what’s all about 1.08 firmware?Pioneer site has only this about your drive and you can find it if you check pioneer site by yourself.A small please in your post makes a big diference.Have a good one.


i have tried this one also thanks anyway…