Firmware oops - please help :)

Hi all, I had a firmware oops. I accidentaly flashed my older creative labs mk 4216 ( which is the same as lite-on 1210b.

Now my problem is my bios can’t see it… ( I flashed it with lite-on 411 … duh, I know … It was late at night )

If I have a dos flash that I found for it … how do I get it to work… i.e force feed when I can’t see the drive in the first place ?

I know it’s an ols 10,12,32 drive and can be replaced cheap… but is now a personal grude / challenge for my own stupidity.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this ?

please help

If you’re using MTKFlash, it will flash it even if BIOS doesn’t see it, just be sure to remove any other drive from the cable, and it’s best to set it as slave with no master on secondary.
Some boards will not boot with the bad drive installed, some will require you to hit insert , esc, or just wait for a minute or two for the detection process to complete. Other’s will require you to disconnect the IDE or power untill after boot. But if it’s connected in the correct position, MTKFlash should flash it alright. I do this on a semi-regular basis…:o

The problem here is that mtkflash doesn’t work with LTR-****1B models. I have read about how connecting the jumpers in the back can put the drive into a special recovery mode.

would that be “Boskin’s jumper trick”?

Thanks for the info everyone.