Firmware Nightmare - LG-4163b

I recently updated the firmware in my drive to 105 from 102. I did this because I picked up some 16x Memorex DVD-R discs that would not write to any faster than 4x. After the upgrade I was still not able to write faster than 4x to the memorex and in addition was not able to write faster than 4x to my other disks which I had been able to write to a 8x before.

Help Please :sad:

PS this is on a windows XP system using nero express

Hi :slight_smile:
Try reflashing the 105, I know that this often works with a Nec drives.
If no luck try 104 as some people feel it’s better suited to their media.

Memorex DVD-R 16x discs are CMC AM3 media code, and are only supported at 4x with the latest A105. Yeah, pretty lame! I picked up a spindle of Memorex DVD+R 16x discs which were Ricoh R03’s and they burn very nicely and are supported at a full 16x. Burned in 5:36, PIF average was somewhat elevated at 0.69 but PIE avg was only 4.62. The CMC AM3 media is not very well supported at present.

CMCMAGAM3 is a very new media code. It seems like few drives support this at the moment. Different batches of Memorex can be made by different manufacturers. Why not save yourself the trouble and buy something else where you know what you are getting with every disc, instead of going through this lottery again?

Ah well, the price was right at the time. 19.99CDN for a 50 pack spindle seemed like a good way to try them out.

Thanks everyone.