Firmware modification - suitable drives? Software/Tools?

Which disc drives allow for the greatest fun for firmware hacking?

  • Overspeed reading (eg. ×20 CAV on DVD-RW).
  • 100% manual speed control (eg. enforce high reading speeds).
  • Incorrect writing speeds! (eg. enforxing writing DVD-RW at ×16 CAV; writing CD-RW-UltraSpeed at ×4).
  • Reading CDs with 60× CAV (AOpen beaten).
  • ☆What are some funny firmware hacks you know?☆

I am looking forward to the ultimate laboratory fun.
Of course, I expect some discs to be unreadable, but that’s the exact purpose: experimenting the speed tolerance and results of writing at incorrect speeds.

Do you know what assembly languages are being used for the firmware of current dvdr drives?

(Currently I don’t know).

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