Firmware Miracles!

Firmware upgrade may be a blessing or a curse.

Well, in my case it has proved to be a blessing.

My CD-ROM drive is an Acer 52x “652P-031” (UDMA/33 Capable).

When I purchased this drive the Firmware was 52AE.

It had the following problems:

  1. It wouldnot read CDs properly.
  2. Many times wouldnot even detect CDs.
  3. Error correction was the worst I had ever seen.
  4. LED lamp in the front behaved mysteriously. It would light up when
    No data was read & when data was transferred, it would turn off. It
    functioned the complete opposite way.
  5. Detecting CDs took ages.

The drive was in a complete mess. Only thing good about it is that the
speed was really cool.

Today I just found a firmware upgrade for my CD-ROM.

So I just flashed the drive & Voila a complete change in Avatar.

The new Firmware is 52GE


  1. It reads CDs perfectly fine.
  2. Detects CDs easily (like other normal CD-ROMs)
  3. Error is very good.
  4. LED Lamp functions the right way.

It now reads the CD with which it had problems earlier at Full Speed.

Even crossed 52x in Nero CD Speed.

This is cool.

I was thinking of selling it. Now I won’t.

Sorry for the essay.

Anyone with similar experiences with the Acer or other CD-ROMs.

I have an old 40x Acer (the first series), it has now been replaced by my 165H. It was a mediocre drive, it would do it’s job as long as the disc was perfect, and thus it had some problems with Safedisc games… Never saw any firmware upgrade for that drive… But hey, it was cheap :slight_smile:

Well, The 52x Acer is costly in our area than most of the drives like LG, Samsung and so on.

I had given extra money & so wanted some good performance.

At last I got.

Will still have to experiment with the Drive.

Will post the results.