Firmware LITE-ON LTR-16102B

Dear Sir or Madam:
I have a LITE-ON LTR-16102B CD-RW.
I think :confused: not sure :confused: the driver firmware (if that is the correct term) is Version OSOB.
Not sure what this means> HA 1 TAO
Windows tells me that my current driver is by Microsoft version 5.1.2535.0 for XP dated July 1, 2001.
I downloaded driver firmware Version 3.3.J23 OSK dated March 7, 2003 The zip file is R160SOK when I unzip it I get this message “This Flash Utility supports LITE-ON-IT LTR-16102B drive with firmware: OSO1-OS2Z” I am not sure if this is the firmware that is compatible with my CD-RW.
I did find another web site where I could get the exact firmware for my CD-RW but received the message that this site (not sure of the site address) does not archive all firmware.

:slight_smile: THANKS A MILLION :slight_smile:

Firmware version OS0K is the latest for your drive.


I installed the OSOK Firmware as you said was the latest. My CD-Rom will now read text and pictures and slide shows but when I try to play music media the Audio skips and misses and then stops.
I used XP Restore to the point before I installed OSOK but OSOK is still my firmware. I UNINSTALLED AND REINSTALLED my LITE-ON LTE-16102B hardware but still have the OSOK firmware and the problem goes on.

What is your suggestion on how to resolve this issue?


Replying to this thread was sufficient, there was no need to email and private message me with the exact same message as you have posted here.

What problem were you trying to fix by updating the firmware in the first place?

Firmware is the programming code that is actually INSIDE of your drive. You cannot remove it by doing a system restore or reinstalling the drive. I do not advise you to try to downgrade the firmware as it probably wont fix the problem. Purchasing a new drive might be your best option.

I was using Nero 5.5 software to copy a cd and all of a sudden I got error messages “Burn Process Failed” and then burning 114 TIFF files to CD and got message “Burn Process Failed”.
I upgraded Nero to and got the same message.
I tried burning using only the CD Burn program in Windows XP and got the same message.
I thought Nero might be the problem.
I have uninstalled Nero and purchased Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.0 by Roxio.
Actually when I try to play a music cd the drive NOW (after installing the new firmware) has some clicking noises in it.
If it is necessary to get another CD-RW drive what make do you recommend?
Do you suggest I go ahead and install a CD-DVD drive?
I guess I simply uninstall/remove the hardware/drive thru windows? Will that remove the firmware/drivers?
I guess I simply plug the new wires/plugs into where the old ones were. Right?
Any info you can give to me will be greatly appreciated…and any websites you may have at your disposal.

Looking forward to your reply!!!


If you’re looking for a new CD-RW drive, I’d recommend that you purchase the Lite-On LTR-52327S. I have two of these, and they’re great! :smiley:

To install a new drive, just set the jumper on the back of the drive to the same position (master, slave, or cable select) as the old drive and plug in the cables just as they were plugged into the old drive. Yes, uninstalling the drive in Windows will remove the drivers properly.

Before you buy a new drive, you might want to try a different brand of blank discs. What brand are you using now, and what is the speed rating for those discs?

I use Imation CD’s.

I came to the conclusion that my CD-RW Burner was defective and since I had this problem with Lite-On I did my homework and went with a TDK (it was between TDK and Memorex) …it comes with Nero 6…but I did not use it…I dumped the Nero 5.5 (that came with Lite-on) before I installed my TDK and bought a full version of Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 by Roxio…an animal of a product…TDK is an animal of a burner…


I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with your new drive. BTW, which TDK model did you get?

Originally posted by CDRecorder
BTW, which TDK model did you get?

Heh, yeah, 'cause both TDK and Memorex drives are almost always manufactured by Lite-ON :stuck_out_tongue:

That was exactly my thought! :smiley: