Firmware LG GH20NS15 Speedpatched



Hi everybody!

I dont know if its already released - if so please delete this topic.
I increased the readspeed of my GH20NS15 and just thought it would be nice to share it with the cdfreakscommunity.
Its based on the IL00 - Firmware.

I upped it on >>megaupload<<

Copyright is at LG and use on your own risk!

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There are two firmware links for the 20ns15:
Do you know the difference between these two?

(For DVD-VID(rom) the drive starts reading at about 3x, like to use the ala42 speed up read prog myself)



No, one is for the NS and one for the LS (LightScribe SATA) drive.
EDIT: It is a good idea to patch the official firmware with MCSE yourself instead of using a firmware from a unreliable source.


Yes, you should not trust all the stuff written in the internet.
For those, who want to do it by themself, download the originalfirmware from LG and use the MediaCodeSpeedEdit to patch it.

I just wanted to report, that it works. :slight_smile:


LG site does not have the firmware for the GH20NS15 where can i find it, thnx.


Here you are :slight_smile:


thnx man



downloaded the MediaCodeSpeedEdit and -IL00

when i go to run it, i cannot find GH20NS15 in the list.

is is calld something else in the list?


The drive list calls GH20xS10 and GH20xS15 just GH20.


[QUOTE=ala42;2421017]The drive list calls GH20xS10 and GH20xS15 just GH20.[/QUOTE]

:confused: i see no GH20 in the list :frowning:


Please explain exactly what your problem is and what list you are talking about.



when i go to run it, i cannot find GH20NS15 in the list.QUOTE]

it = MediaCodeSpeedEdit

list =


That is the supported media list of the GH20NS15 IL00 firmware.