Firmware JWS5 to JWS6

Has anyone updated their Memorex DVD16+/-DL4WID2 from firmware version JWS5 to JWS6? I wanted to know what the update changed- speed, performance, bugs… Also I wanted to know how to save my old JWS5 in case I screw something up and if it is difficult once changed to the new version, to go back to JWS5 in case the drive doesn’t like new update.
This is the first time I’ve done this (or will attempt it) :confused:

This drive is a rebadged liteon. You should be able to backup your current firmware before flashing (which is a very good idea) with tools found in the liteon forum. This program should work for the backup
I would sugest that you also read the faq in the liteon forum, it might answer a lot of your questions.

Fyi it may seem weird reading about a liteon when you have a memorex. Your drive is a liteon though. You could flash liteon firmware to it and make it identical to a liteon (flashing anything but memorex firmware will void your waranty but thier are lots of reasons you may want to consider it down the road).