Firmware issue

Hello!I’m a newbie here. I have a problem concerning my dvd burner on my acer aspire 1650 ( QSI SDW-082 ). When i try to burn a dvd the lower surface of the dvd has changed but it remains blank…I have tried to use alcohol and nero for the same result.I went in a computer shop and a guy tere told me that maybe I have to upgrade my firmware so i upgraded it from LX34 to LX43 but the issue remains. Is it because of the firmware?is there a new version of it? and if not why is this happening?
Thank you for reading.Any answer is welcomed :slight_smile:

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What do you mean exactly with “it remains blank”? Do you mean that the disc is still seen as a blank media (i.e. as an empty disc)?

What discs are you using? Are you sure that you are not burning in “Simulation mode”?

Uninstall Alcohol and burn with verify.