Firmware issue with Pioneer dvr-1910ls



I recently got a new dvd drive for my computer, the Pioneer dvr-1910ls. After physically installing it and starting up the computer, everything seemed fine until I looked at the device manager. The firmware that apparently was placed onto my computer makes it believe that I have a Pioneer DVR-113NP. That’s not supposed to be that way, right? I’m not an expert in this, but the device manager should tell me what make and model hardware I have. I checked this on Nero InfoTool as well and the same result comes up.

Does anyone have experience with this issue? Is there any way to resolve this? A guide to fixing this, if necessary, would be great.


Was this a brand new unit in an unopened box? Regardless, the drive will or should say what model it is unless someone tampered with it.


The DVR-1910LS retail bundle features the Pioneer DVR-113KG DVD/CD writer and software from Nero.

What do you think you “wanna fix” ??