Firmware Issue w/5005

I have yet to set up my new 5005, and was concerned about all this “firmware” talk I’m running into while further researching this recorder.

If the only computer systems one has to access are Macintoshes, am I correct in assuming that I will not be able to update with firmware because in order to do so you need to copy files in the PC/Windows system, downloaded from Lite-On’s site.

If that is the case, is it a mistake to want to try to use the machine as is, without being able to use the superceding firmware?

One particular concern is the 3 hour mode of recording; I would like to have that since the 4 hour mode and beyond deliver reduced quality resolution, and there will be instances I am sure when I would like to have that extra space for a long movie, recording two programs, etc.

Aside from this issue, my greatest concern is that it will work adequately without adding any other firmware. (Manufacture time frame is February 2005.)

I’ve been told by several people (as I fretted about updating my 5005) that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

In other words, if you’re satisfied with how it’s working, why change it and bring into the picture even the slight possibility of something going wrong with the upgrade?

I went ahead eventually, and couldn’t be happier.

As for the mac vs. pc end of things, I’m not sure. If a mac CAN’T make a disc that can upgrade your machine, it’s always possible some kind soul here could make one up on their pc for you and mail it to you.

[i]Just as a side thought, if typing in all caps is considered “yelling” online, and so discouraged, I wonder if altering the text font to one that’s so dark and thick is such a good idea…

Just wondering, of course. ;)[/i]