Firmware issue maybe?


I just got a liteon dvd burner DVD+/-RW LITEON LDW-411S

So i went ahead and updated the firmware to FS0J. After the firmware upgrade and i rebooted i noticed that the drive orange light just flashes now on and off and the drive cant read any type of data disk. Now from what I understand if it was a bad flash the green light drive would stay on and the computer bios wont see the drive. So the wierd thing here is that the bios does see the drive and so does windows xp. I can even open up the drive using the eject menu option in windows. So is it possible I did a bad flash or could there be another issue?

Thanks in advanced.

This sounds like a “bad” flash.

Try this tool and this firmware and re-flash in windows.

Pls report back. :smiley: