Firmware in .bin format for Liteon 32125W



:frowning: My 32125W overclock to 48125W have problems…
It can’t recognise CD-R most of the time, but it work sometimes after a long time of search. CD-R are TDK or IMATION or other good CD-R.
I can change it to my dealer because i buy it in june 2002 but not with the 48125W firmware.

I’m looking for a 32125W firmware in .bin or .hex format for use with MTKFLASH to return in previous firmware.

I have the liteon firmware but it is an .exe file :confused:

Can you help me please :wink:


A search would have helped you

Binary Firmwares:

Or you could ahve used litefirm to extract the binary from the Windows Flasher.


:smiley: Thanks a lot, this link is exactly what i need !!!


Ok that’s done. CD recorder have return to 32125W.

But i try different CDR to be sure.
Say me if you have problems too or not

Burner : Liteon 32125W firmware WBS4

CDR : IMATION 80mn 48x -> don’t work
IMATION neon 80mn 48x -> don’t work ( 1 up 10)
TDK Speed x 80mn 48x -> don’t work (1 up 10)
TDK Metallic 80mn 48x -> work but take long time at the begining of the burn (up to 2mn)
TDK Reflex ultra 80mn 24x -> work fine

I have an old burner ( TEAC 4x SCSI) that don’t recognise clear CDR. Is it the same problem. Is some bad quality CDR exist even TDK or IMATION like two or three years ago ?

Thanks to help me