Firmware help!

i have a laptop with ND-6650A dvd writer and when i tried to burn the message said illegal disk so i couldnt burn a dvd-r. i think i have to update firmware, i tried it but i cant do it. Can u write to me detailed information about how to update firmware?? thank you

before i can give you detailed instructions i must know the laptop model

i have fujitsu-siemens pro v 2045 thanks for your concern

i guess thats “AMILO Pro V2045” as i couldnt find any other with 2045 , unfortunatly theres no firmware update available from fujistu’s site so i guess you wont be updating the firmware ,nec dont issue firmware updates for that drive as they only sell it to laptop vendors. , anyway illegal disk usally means the drive dislikes the medias you use or their media code to be more exact , youll have to try other medias and hope youll get lucky

thank you

but i am using tdk and tdk is in the media list.

We have several firmwares for this drive on our site.
Please read the advice on Master and Slave firmwares before trying to flash the drive.

doesnt mean anything , every media have a media code , which can change anytime