Firmware help Liteon LH-20A1S

I have looked around the forums and found a couple threads about firmware and overspeeds etc etc…

What do I need to be able to update the firmware on my LH-20A1S? I have downloaded the eeprom utility and will run that before I do anything but from there I am not sure what else I need.



Search for your drive here (under Optical Storage): and download/unzip/install the latest firmware for your drive (currently 9L05).

I heard people had alot of problems once they upgraded to the 05 firmware so I was kind of hesitant about doing it. Most of them said they went back to 02 or 03. I didn’t know if the 05 firmware and the overspeed firmware was different.

If you wish to use non-official firmware, check out the FB&EOS thread: . The purpose here is to achieve shorter burn times. Understand that this voids your warranty.