Firmware help for Sony 40x12x48

Hi I got this Sony drive with my PC.

It is a 40x12x40 drive, but I have CRX210E1 as the name which corresponds to the 48x12x48. I have tried the different firmware on but this just changes the names and the speed settings in nero stay the same 40x

It may be possible that I have flashed it to CRX210E1 and it was originally CRX195A1 as thats the correct version to the speed specs I have.

Originally it was using the 2YS1.BIN firmware so I have put it back to this and it is reading as a CRX210E1 now.

I basically want to make this faster using the correct firmware.

OK, your drive was never a CRX195E1 since its firmware is NOT compatible with the CRX210, CRX215, or CRX220. The CRX210E1 is 48x12x48 and the CRX215E1 is 48x24x48
You probably need to use different media, cause I assume that you used NERO InfoTool and it told you that you could write and read at 40x
You can flash your drive’s firmware with any firmware from

Hmm well nero info tool has read at 12x and write at 40x ??

ok well this is weird as it is definetley a CRX210E1 but it is definetley supposed to be a 40x12x48 its the recent ALDI Medion PC and the specs on the box and advertisments also said it is 40x12x48…

Maybe TurboBoost is limiting the speed to 40x, try pressing and holding the eject button for 5 seconds, then let up and see if you can write at 48x then.

You were correct about the media type as I have thrown in different ones now and the info tool varies amongst them and I reached 48x with one type but i could not write to the disc as it was finalised from before…time to get some better quality discs!

So if I want to I can now do the firmware to take it from 48 to 52 speed, I am happy to leave it as it is for a while atleast till the media is more widespread at that speed.

Cheers for all the help! Have a merry xmas:) :slight_smile: