Firmware for TSST CDW/DVD TS-L462A

Heloo there!

i can’t find anywhere firmware for this device…it drives me crazy…

if anyoane can help me… :bow:


it sucks…

is no for your device ore something…the hell with that!!!

i fuck TSST corp…for those horseshit cdroms…

Find more info about this drive here:

Hello everybody!I have a question.I have flashed the TSSTcorp L462A and it worked…I got the firmware from the 3550 page ,I think.Problem is I don’t remember where and which one I got.But now Discinfo says my firmware is TF30.My region is locked…even though it says user changes remaining 4,my region still stays set to 2.
Can somebody help me make it region-free?
Thank you

Follow Hijacker’s link.

Hey folks …i don’t know if u have found a solution to the problem…but in my tragic case turns out i dont even need firmware…if anyone has the TSSTcorp TS-L462A firmware finding problem…
just go to

and copy and paste the code and it works…
hope this helps