Firmware for the Pioneer DVR-104?



hi guys am new here i was wondering can anyone help me with my pioneer dvd-rwdvr 104 everyone is talking about a nils hack file i dont know how to get that i have the dvrflahgui well am clueless from there my dvd-rw drive just wont read no type of disc can anyone please help me


You can get >NIL:'s firmware from

However, I’m not sure that will be of much help if you are having trouble reading discs. The DVR-104 is a fairly old drive.


If you recently have upgraded to firmware 1.41, that could be the known issue from it…
Cleaning the drive might be an good idea.
Test the drive in another computer. If it still won’t work, then you are probably out of luck.


hi everyone am a new here i was wondering can anyone help me with my pioneer dvd-rw dvr 104 it stop reading disc and i try to flash it and keep getting target not found than i had download something call dvrflashgui and everyone is talking about niel firmware can anyone please help???



@haitianpradakid, DVR 104 is quite old. You may have a hardware failure on your hands.
Flashing to a new firmware does not usually fix an issue where a drive stops reading discs.

Are you absolutely SURE you have a Pioneer 104?
If so, this firmware should work:


yea i have a dvr-104 when i get home am going to see if i can get it fix with the firmware if not. i guess i would have to get a new drive right?


ok now i have the dvrflashgui and the nile file try to upgrade the firmware no luck device target not found.can anyone plz show me the step by step to get this done?


Then you either have the wrong firmware or wrong flasher…