Firmware for TDK Cyclone 40/12/48B



Slightly off topic but since this is a liteon rebagged drive, thought I'll ask here.

I am looking for the latest firmware which supports P-CAV & M.Rainier, if anyone knows please PM me. Thanks.


The only way to get P-CAV and mt.rainier is to convert it to a Lite-On. You may be lucky and TDK will release a firmware update later, but I doubt it.

If you want to convert it, follow my mtkflash guide and grab the firmware from my firmware place.

Note that converting it to a Lite-On voids the warranty.

Make sure to backup the firmware in case you want to go backā€¦and if you some time make a backup, make sure to send it to so I can add it to my firmware collection.


Thanks, but I just found it at the TDK website.