Firmware for SPD7000BD with 50GB media?

Hello Folks,

is something like that possible? I’ve read that cdfreaks managed that job for testing so that the drive handled burning 50GB-media.

Is someone involved in that things?

Would very appreciate it.



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Welcome to the cdfreaks, Nuker5. :wink:

The firmware that enables 50GB Blu-ray burning is not available for public yet, unfortunately, so you will need to wait until Philips officially release it.

Verz bad, but cannot be changed…

I checked with Philip support today (August 2nd 2007) on the status of the SPD7000BD. Here is what they told me:

“The drive is able to read a Dual Layer disc, but it is only capable of writing to the single layer Blu-Ray disc. The hardware is not able to burn to a Dual layer 50GB disc, so no firmware update will enable that feature.”

This seems fairly clearly.

Sigh. I had bought my drive under the impression it would support 50 GB backups, but it looks like I need to buy some more 25 GB disks instead…