Firmware for Sony DRU 800a



Hello Everyone, I have a problem I have not seen on any board,…I received my 800A from sony complete with 800A_KY01 as the firmware, I want to upgrade it to 800A_KY04…My problem is…everytime I open up the flash program it closes…and I get an error, I have removed my IDE Controllers, changed them from Nvidia nForce3 250 Parallel ATA Controller to Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller, unhooked my other drives, Looked into the Bios ,but still cannot flash in windows , Pops Up and crashes…Something is stopping it from loading, not sure what it is tho. At one time I have a Windows Program come up saying it was blocking it because it may be a virus (Which it isn’t) I made the change to let it proceed but it didn’t. Any suggestions, I also had a hard time flashing my USB __Nec 3500AG but finally upgraded it through a Dos Window. If I knew what could be stopping the Program from loading I’d be able to flash…Nero Finds the drive, and I close all other programs…


Hmm. ASPI conflict, maybe? You could try to either remove the system ASPI or try to reinstall it with 4.60 [google]forceaspi[/google]


I appreciate the QUICK response… I’m able to burn CD’s & DVD’s ok with the ASPI Driver I have…Could it still be an ASPI Driver ? I’m using 4.71 now


4.71 is bad. Besides, when you burn CDs and DVDs, it won’t be using the system ASPI. If you’re using Nero, it’ll use Nero’s own ASPI layer (that’s separate); if you use CloneCD/DVD, it’ll use ElbyCDIO, if you use DVD Decrypter, it’ll use SPTI… you get the point.


code65536… you are the man…thanx… I renamed the four files, and replaced them with the 4.60 version and now I have KY04
Thanx a mil


Anyone having problems with the KY06 Firmware… my drive is not liking something im doing… Dru800a … burns dvd-r 100% but standalone dvd player dont like them… starts play if at all them breaks up and freezes alltogher…

I need Some Help Please


@tok3n : everything is working fine here … you must be using bad media ! try to get some scans !

Quality Patched 1693S Firmware for 1673S, 1693S, 720A, 800A (KC4B) => i have yet to try this firmware but waiting for further replies on that thread ! its supposed to burn w/ good quality


Im using Ritek media… gonna get a scan posted soon…


Here are some of my scans… the type disk, and other scans…

still burning wirth no good outcome…

Could it be the aspi drivers…

iv used the 4.7.1 force update… should i be using something else…