Firmware for Sony CDRW CRX 160E

I am having problems writing with this cdrw and wondered if anyone has a firmware update for it for me to try?

It will write upto 8 speed but 10 and 12 are erratic, i have an athlon 1400 so i know it is not my pc not upto spec.

Please help

You say you want to write CDRW’s? You do know that CDRW’s only write at max 10x!? (note CDRW/CDR…) And if you got a CDRW that’s compatible to only 8x then your drive will not go over that speed probably.

Sorry i must not have explained properly, this is just using normal guarenteed 16x CDR’s, It might be that the Dony wirtter is faulty but i would just liked to have reflashed the firmware first to check

anyone know where i can get the firmware update for crx160e?