Firmware for sohw-822s

anyone know where to get a firmware to allow this drive to burn dvd-r? it says it can only burn +r but some say it only had the -r capability locked away and can be unlocked with a patched firmware…

Plz help meeee :bow:

LiteOn SOHW-822S is a DVD+R/RW only (single format) version of the SOHW-832S, which is dual-format. 822S is sold through OEMs only (bundled with PCs) and can be flash upgraded to 832S using patched, cross-flashing firmware available on the CodeGuys site:

Download either VS0E or CG3E patched firmware to flash your 822S, and it will become a 832S, with DVD-R/RW support!

hmm… i updated the firmware and burned a dvd+r, and during the burning the light of the drive was red(not flashing) :eek: , before i upgrade the firmware it was flashing green. What do you think?? Is that a problem or is it ok?? :confused:

This is ok. Older Liteon drives use the red led to indicate burning. Sony does not like this, so in some firmwares they use the green led now.

i also noticed that the dvds that i burned didnt come out as DVD-ROM anymore… Before applying the firmware the book-type always comes out as DVD-ROM, but now its just DVD+R, do you know how to fix this??

The 822S firmwares, IIRC, will automatically booktype all +R discs. If you want the 832S to booktype +R, you should use either the official LiteOn booktype utility (see LiteOn website) or apply the autobitsetting patch (see OmniPatcher).

thx, i will give it a try :smiley: