Firmware for PX-5224A



Somehow I missed the end-of-life firmware release for my Plextor PX-W5224A drive. According to the research I’ve done, the last version was 1.03. My drive is 1.01. All of the sites that refer to the file point back to Plextor’s sites. They don’t seem to have it any more.

Does anyone here have it on their hard drive or have a site that still has it? The drive works great for ripping CDs, and I’m getting ready to rip several hundred. (In fact, it rips better than my DVD drives.)


The latest FW for the PX-5224TA is version 1.04.

Plextor Europe has ‘reactivated’ their old web pages for legacy products:

Plextor Japans web pages still contain all drives:


Got it. Thanks!