Firmware for Plextor PX-B950UE


Hello all,

i need a new Firmware for my Plextor PX-B950UE
The Plextor Utilities installed Firmware 1.05 on my Burner.
Now i cannot burn most of my BD-R, BD-R DL and DVD+R and CD-R anymore.
With good old 1.04 everything was fine.

Is it possible to downgrade the Firmware?

I need a Flasher for Windows and a Binary 1.03 or 1.04
All Firmwares are not avaible in the Internet anymore.
Can some please Upload these Firmwares for me ?

Greetings Mooni


Here’s a copy of the 1.03 and 1.04 PX-B950UE firmware binaries as requested: (2.4 MB)

For how to flash have a look at this thread: LiteOn iHBS112/212/312 Crossflashing & Firmware: Looking for a few tips?

What you are after is the ‘unlocked flasher method’.