Firmware for Pioneer111d in Tower Duplicator

I have a master ASUS DVD Rom and 7 x Pioneer 111d tower duplicator. I recently purchased some Bulkpaq DVD-r x 16 but been having alot of difficulties with almost half of the discs been coasters - the manufactuer of my unit is by a company call copystars and I believe the master controller is made by An Chen- The only way I was hoping that I would have less coasters is by updating the firmware of the 111d - is this possible to do by a firmware update (flash) or would i have to do it by other means - Im hoping that I dont have to do each drive individually via a pc in order for the firmware to be upgraded - is there a download that i can get where all I have to do is insert the disc into the tower and install the firmware update. Many thanks Ronan

What does Copystars advise?

I sent them an email and as of yet no reply - as soon as I hear something I will post reply but if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated - Regards Ro

According to the pioneer site you need to connect the Pioneer 11d to a windows machine to upgrade the firmware.

I also suggest that before you start, find out whether updating the firmware will really make a significant difference to the quality of burning on this brand of discs. They are known for putting their name on some very bad quality manufacturing.

What is the media ID (MID) of the BulkPaqs? To find this out, download CD-DVD Speed, fire it up and let us know what is the description on the ‘Disc Info’ tab.

Thanks for the reply - unfortunately the link doenst work - however as far as Im aware it is manufactuered by CMC - and they are 16 speed -r btw would I better off with Datawrite x8 dvd-r as opposed to CMC - as per my budget - thanks Ron