Firmware for pioneer & benq

Hello im new here! :bigsmile:

I have a pioneer dvd-rw dvr-110d writer & a benq dvd dd dw 1650 writer!

I use both for burning & backing up my movies etc,iv never upgraded the firmware as i dont know how to & where to get the firmware for them…would anyone be so kind as to help me achieve the firmware upgrade :slight_smile:

also i wondered how can i tell which firmware my drives are using ,thx

just checked and my benq seems to be using the bcdc i just managed to find this page with firmwares for benq would i be correct in downloading the on this page :

and is this correct for my pioneer drive? DVR110D_FW141EU.EXE on this page:

Upgrading firmware is relatively safe, and in most cases aides in support of more media types. Since you are new here, I would not recommend trying media types other than verbatim, taiyo yuden, or fujifilm(made in japan). Or at least do some reading here about media types, and read some of the comments users have posted about their experience with certain medias on a variety of drives. If you aren’t having any problems with your drives and the media you use, there is no reason to upgrade the firmware.

Usually the only people that need to upgrade firmware, are the power users, who demand faster rip speeds, extensive media support, and who desire to make 8x media burn at 10x speed. People who do this, know how to determine which medias they can do this with and have been around for awhile.

If you are new, and really want to upgrade your firmware, do a little reading (for a few weeks), and learn about the hows and whys for doing this.

The easy way to identify the firmware in use is Nero’s CD-DVD Speed.

The links you’ve identified are the correct ones for the latest firmware for your drives & the upgrade is no more difficult than running the executables supplied, ensuring that no other apps , including Explorer , are running. Then you reboot.

However, the advice that Rob has given is sound & unless there is anything wrong with your burning then there’s no real reason to upgrade. Should you want to then you’ve got the right ones.

Scan the disks you’ve burned with CD-DVD Speed (disc quality) on the 1650 & see what burns you’re getting.

thanks for your reply’s guys :wink: this forum is very helpfull to me,i didnt even realise you could test your disks for quality burns :wink:

right iv been using ridisc dvd-r for burning my movies,so this week i thought id have a change & iv just got some verbatim dvd-r 16x certified advanced azo+… would this be a good choice of disks? i want to make some quality backups using dvd shrink…should i burn at 4x speed or 8x speed or 16x speed?

iv just burnt a movie! and ran it through dvd-cd speed program like you said…these are my results using benq 1650 drive with latest firmware & the verbatims 16x speed i burnt at 8x speed:

will try & host an image to show you:

i really dont understand the results :bigsmile: timc what you think?

could anyone tell me how cd-dvd speed could be helpfull to me?

Verbatim is a good choice. Personally I burn 16x media at 12x, others might suggest 8x though.

That scan is not so good really, the PIEs are very high although I guess the quality score that CD-DVD Speed gave would have been 95% or so. The graphic display is more useful and note that you can load png images here by using the advanced option & manage attachments.

Do you have Qsuite for your Benq. It’s good to have this & enable Solidburn for both known & unknown media. You should then find that the burns improve.

With CD-DVD Speed what we’re aiming to do is see how good the burns are, I always scan my burns & for movies & do chek the playback on my standalone player before deleting from my HDD. Here’s one of mine & you’ll see that the PIEs are much lower & more what you should get.

hey thx timc iv downloaded qsuite and installed it,selected solid burn & supported disk activated & unknown disk activated,do i do anything else or just burn as normal with dvdshrink now?

Do you think i would get better burns with my pioneer 110d ? i should consider swapping my drives over from my other pc? :rolleyes:

im doing another burn now with another movie!

perhaps dvd+r gives better quality than dvd-r disks? i just burnt another movie on benq x8 speed verbatim dvd-r disk tryed using the qsuite but not sure if i was doing it right…

This is how qsuite looks when i start burning with dvdshrink :

The graph display is what we prefer to see and the scan speed we use for Benqs is 8x not 4x.

It has been suggested that the quality of the IDE cables you use affects the burn quality , particularly the PIEs. You really should use flat 80wire cables and indeed your Pioneer 110D must have these.

You’ve suggested in your PMs that scanning on your other drive gives way different results. If you’re referring to the 110D then that is not ideally suited to scanning.

when you say 80wire cables could you show me a link to which these type of cables they are please :wink:

They’re known as Ultra ATA 66 or 100 or 133 cables or any combination of those. It’s highly likely that you HDD is using that type.

Not been able to find any suitable image.

:bigsmile: im using ide cable same cable as the one in my hard drive :bigsmile:

I simply dont see any prblems with the burns though,no problems when i watch the movies iv backed up! i guess my firmware is upto date & i have descent media verbatims. i just think that dc dvd speed program acts different on certain machines etc. iv burnt the same movie at 4x 8x speed 2 times each with same result. but thats using the benq,i havnt tryed burning with my pioneer yet,i might swap the drives in my pc as i am perfectly sure that pioneer is better than benq. then il post some more results :bigsmile: unless its that cable your talking about or the verbatim dvd-r disks.